Andy Armer

Andy Armer is a world class jazz pianist and keyboardist. Although his first love is jazz, Andy is uniquely versatile in his ability to play any style of music. As you will hear from the samples on this website, Andy enjoys playing various Rock styles, Blues, Pop, Funk & R&B, Hip-Hop, Country, various World Styles and classical music.

Although Andy continues to produce and engineer recording projects as he maintains and operates his own recording studio, Andy is looking to get back to his roots as a musician and his first love, being a keyboard player.

Andy has set up this website to market his talents as a for hire pianist/ keyboardist. He is looking for work with professionals from anywhere in the music industry. From your next cruise ship gig to your next 6 week tour of Europe or adding world class keyboard parts to your next recording project, Andy is ready to travel at a moments notice to help you realize your musical dreams.

Andy hopes you enjoy the music on his website, and looks forward to hearing from you.

Have a beautiful day!